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    Taiwanese Association of America Greater Washington 


Dear TAAGWC Members and Friends,
Here is the TAAGWC July 2022 Newsletter
  • TAAGWC joins America’s 2022 Independence Day Parade on July 4th, 2022.
  • 華府台灣同鄉會「虎氣啦!系列講座 」-主題:《臺灣人如何應對戰爭? 以認知作戰為例 》 演講者: 沈伯洋教授
  • TAAGWC joins the 「2022 Fiesta Asia Festival」on July 16th.
  • 「美東臺灣同鄉會-慢壘友誼賽」on July 23, 2022, at Rockville, MD
  • 溫馨提醒! 華府同鄉會會員繳交年費 (NEW! 永久會員(Permanent Membership))
  • 華府臺灣同鄉會推薦好文共欣 by 楊遠薰 (Carole Hsu) 
1. TAAGWC joins America’s 2022 Independence Day Parade on July 4th,

各位鄉親,感謝大家熱情支持咱七月四日在華府(DC)憲法大道(Constitution Avenue)的慶祝遊行。
Dear all, thank you for your support in joining the July 4th Parade in DC.
A few pieces of information to share with all:
(1) 七月四日雖然遊行是十一點四十五分正式開始,而我們是排在第七十九單位(總共是一百一十多個),但是我們必須準備好許多事情(報到,填寫release form,領取T-Shirt,分配任務地點,提醒注意事項)。所以請大家在當天早上十點(10am) 到我們隊伍集結地點。
The Parade officially starts at 11:45 pm and we were assigned as Unit #79.  However, there will be many things to prepare (check-in, filling out a release form, putting on a T-shirt uniform, assigning responsibilities, … etc.) beforehand, therefore, please report to our gathering location on or before 10 am on July 4.
(2) 我們的集結地點是在第七街  (7th Street SW)上,於Madison Drive NW 及Jefferson Drive SW之間。
Our gathering location is at 7th Street SW between Madison Drive NW and Jefferson Drive SW.
(3) 建議大家盡量乘坐Metrorail 進入DC,因為停車位很難找,交通也將會非常擁擠。大家可以開車到有停車塲的郊區Metro Stations,停汽車在那停車場後,再搭乘Metrorail入DC. 
All is strongly suggested to arrive our gathering location by taking Metrorail because of limited parking location and congested traffic condition.  You can park at a Metro Station with a parking facility and metro into DC.
(4) Metrorail 下車的地鐡站是L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station。到站後,就往注明Maryland Avenue 的出口走出站。下週四(6/30) 晚上八點(8pm)的説明會將提供更多詳細資訊。請大家務必抽空參加,如有multiple family members, 也請務必指派代表參加。
The stop to take off is L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station.  After getting off the train, walk toward the Maryland Avenue Exit.  More details will be provided in the WebEx meeting at 8 pm next Thursday (6/30).
(5) 在遊行之前我們會準備水及簡便充飢的食品,在遊行結束後再分發簡便餐盒及水。 謝謝大家!
Light snacks and water will be available before the parade and a light lunchbox and water will be distributed at the end of the parade.  Thank you!
下週四(6/30)晚上八點(8 pm)的説明會 Link – WebEx Meeting Link at 8 pm of next Thursday(6/30) –
周明宏  Ming Chow   703-304-9738;
黃凱峰 Kevin Huang   410-591-4969


2. 華府台灣同鄉會「虎氣啦!系列講座 」-主題:《臺灣人如何應對戰爭? 以認知作戰為例 》 演講者: 沈伯洋教授


華府臺灣同鄉會&DC臺灣咖啡館&北美洲臺灣人教授協會DC/Baltimore 分會 合辦「福氣啦!系列講座」主題:臺灣人如何應對戰爭? 以認知作戰為例  演講者: 沈伯洋教授Meeting link: Meeting number:2633 538 7137Password:6hhSm5Eu3BE (64476538 from phones and video systems)Join by video systemDial
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.
Join by phone+1-650-479-3208 United States Toll
Access code: 2633 538 7137
Host PIN: 7788

 3TAAGWC joins the 「2022 Fiesta Asia Festival」on July 16th.


4「美東臺灣同鄉會-慢壘友誼賽」on July 23, 2022, at Rockville, MD


5.  溫馨提醒! 華府同鄉會會員繳交年費 (NEW! 永久會員(Permanent Membership))

*會期:January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022

*2022同鄉會會費(Membership Fee)

全家 (Family) $35、
個人 (Single) $25、
永久會員(Permanent Membership) $500

*繳交年費請點選此網址To renew 2022 membership


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6. 華府臺灣同鄉會推薦好文共欣 by 楊遠薰 (Carole Hsu) 

Dear friend, 平安!
海外台灣人的故事 ( 野地的花(上)
海外台灣人的故事: 野地的花 (下) (

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